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Things to check once in 3 months by logging your income tax

Things to check once in 3 months by logging your income tax

Everyone should check the following at least once in three months by logging in to the income tax website.

1. Do you have any 'pending action'?

2. The Pending Action section is given once on the left side after logging in to the same page and also on the horizontal bar at the top. The income tax website has become very confusing but you need to keep calm and click on both options. One has pending work and the other is just empty.

3. 'Worklist', 'Response to Outstanding Demand', 'E-Proceedings', Compliance Portal are important parts of the pending action. One should check all three options without thinking that there is nothing in the other. If you have never filed a return before, have tax arrears, or have not shown any income even after filing the return, the relevant information can be found anywhere here.

4. The Compliance Portal is a separate website. Clicking on that option takes you to another webpage. There are also a number of options that need to be explored. Many people think that my income is not visible in 26AS, which means that I can continue even if I do not show it in my return, but this is not the case. You can see your income in this compliance portal and you may get an income tax notice. For this, if the CA or Tax Consultants insists on showing any of your income, you should pay proper tax without arguing with him, without giving him partial information. Because the CA or Tax Consultants can advise you to a certain extent, you are solely responsible for your income tax return.

5. The government always announces something from the budget to make it popular. But in reality, such announcements are just deceptive. E.g. Exemption from filing returns to senior citizens. This is just a deceptive announcement. Somewhere or other you are eligible to file a return. So pay the return no matter what. Going forward, CA or Tax Consultants fees are cheaper than paying interest and penalties.


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PN: The above article is for taxpayers only. He must consult his CA or Tax Consultants regarding income tax.

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