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Tax Consultant Against Tax Software Which Is Right For You

Tax Consultant Against Tax Software: Which Is Right For You?

With every important task comes the question of whether individuals should do it themselves or hire professionals. The ever-improving choice of tax preparation software certainly makes it easier to tax your own, but it has kept chartered accountants (CAs) and other personal tax advisors out of the business.

Benefits of using tax software


There is no way you will pay less for a software package than hiring a CA or other qualified tax professional. Tax-generating software for basic filers costs from almost zero to a few hundred rupees for more in-depth services and complex returns. On the other hand, those who make the least expensive tax will have to pay a tax consultant at least Rs 3,000 and the CA is likely to charge at least twice the amount. One of the most lucrative benefits of paying your own taxes is the pre-saved savings of using tax software on an accountant.


Once you have all the required documents, it is possible to complete your own tax in less than an hour. In contrast, the best accountants will usually take several days to a few weeks to process your documents and submit your form.


Good tax-generating software takes you through the process very quickly and easily. For those who have only a few deductions, sources of income or investments, there is little need to sit down with an accountant.

Benefits of hiring a professional accountant

Great software

According to Sheetal Patil, the tax advisor paid about Rs. 24,000 to 60,000 for their software, which is more sophisticated than the products sold to customers. This more advanced program has the ability to quickly scan your information and organize line items and forms properly. By automating a lot of data entry and organization, your tax returns are less likely to be hurt by human tax evasion.

Human touch

Like a good family doctor who knows your medical history, you can develop a relationship with an accountant so that they understand your family's financial situation and future goals. According to Sheetal, who has been creating taxes for 9 years, "a tax professional can often offer valuable tax savings tips that software programs don't even anticipate." The value of this advice can easily outweigh the additional cost of consulting a professional. For example, a tax accountant can advise you on tax-friendly ways to save for your children's education or how to reduce taxes on your capital gains.

Tax Consultant can answer your questions throughout the year

As a trusted professional, a good accountant will be able to answer important questions that arise not only during your annual consultation but also at other times of the year.

Chartered Accountants CA saves you time when dealing with complex issues

Taxpayers who put themselves at the center of complex business and investment issues may also have the skills to sort through their own taxes, but is their time worth it? A professional tax collector is so familiar with the system, he can complete tasks quickly and easily which can take hours of research for skilled taxpayers. For professionals who are not busy, their time can usually be better spent making money in their field of expertise. Even if your tax situation is straightforward, hiring a professional will save you time and stress in paying your taxes.

Bottom line

After all, there is no universal answer to the question of whether to hire tax professionals or to tax yourself through software. Your convenience and familiarity with income tax rules will be part of your decision, but your financial complexity should be the main determining factor. While single employers and those with little investment can save hundreds of rupees by creating their own taxes, those with commercial income or rental assets will find the cost of hiring an accountant for their peace of mind and potential tax savings.

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