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If you are connected to the world of taxation, you may know that due to discrepancies between service GST returns, income tax returns and 26AS, the Central GST Department had issued innumerable service tax notices in mid-December 2020.

Each tax officer had to issue several notices to businesses before the December 31,2021 deadline.

Due to the limited period of notice, the authorities did not invite businesses to submit answers and discuss shortcomings.

Instead, authorities have issued show-cause notices to all these businesses. Due to limited time, these show cause notices are basically the same except for every business figure.

The fact is that whenever something is done in a hurry, there are many mistakes in implementation which are a boon in the guise of business.

There are many errors in these notices that can be used effectively to respond to these notices and avoid problems.

If you too have received such a notice, we are equipped with 9 years of experience to handle all types of service tax notices from Alliance Tax Specialists!

Here are some of the services we can offer you:

1) Service Tax return Review, I.T. Returns, show 26 reasons in respect of notice;

2 ) Reconciliation between STR and ITR / 26AS;

3) We will produce a report in which the amount of penalty is likely to be reduced as per show cause notice and all issues are likely to be resolved as per show-cause notice;

4) Prepare show cause the Draft reply to notice;

5) Case lawsuit-pressure-risk assessment to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of going to trial in your case;

6)  Officials Professional representation on your behalf before tax authorities.


We have all the tools and experience you need to help you fix issues with notices.

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