12 Nov

Nykaa makes history CEO Falguni Nair joins worlds richest club 4 investment lessons to learn

Nykaa makes history: CEO Falguni Nair joins world's richest club, 4 investment lessons to learn

Falguni Nair, CEO and founder of beauty e-commerce chain Nykaa, has recently become the richest self-made female billionaire when her company's shares received a good response on Dalal Street. According to an AFP report, Nair is now one of the richest people in the world, backed by Nykaa's recent initial public offering, which was listed during an IPO rally that day across the country. With this feat, Falguni Nair joined the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the only Indian woman billionaire in the world. The 58-year-old, who owns nearly half the shares of Nykaa, is now valued at $ 6.5 billion, according to a Bloomberg report.

On Wednesday, November 10, FSN e-commerce, the parent company of Nykaa, became the first female-led unicorn to make its debut in the Indian stock market. Nykaa Shares made an amazing debut on Dalal Street that day.

“I started Nyaka in my 50s when I had no experience. I hope the Nykaa journey will inspire each of you to become the Nyka of your life, "Nair said before listing Nykaa on the National Stock Exchange. The entrepreneur had a 19-year career with the Kotak Mahindra Group, a top executive in the investment banking sector.

Investors have learned four lessons from Falguni Nair's career:

1.   There is a plan

It is always advisable for the investor to go ahead with the plan. Falguni Nair had set a deadline for herself, where she planned to launch something of her own until she was 50 - and Nyaka became the fruit of that tree. Throughout her life, she made a number of choices - from growing up in a family with an interest in stocks, to going to business school, spending 19 years in a company where she had a top career, and finally choosing an unheard of field. Of India. Therefore, investors need to do their research before making any investment.

2.   Take advice from everyone but follow the heart

Nykaa, after her company debut, Falguni Nair in an interview advised everyone who wants to start a startup. She said, "I hope more women like me dream for themselves. Nykaa arrived in 2012, a time when everyone would choose makeup from their local mom and pop store and from the three or four brands available there. Nair ventured to break that chain, and years later Nykaa sells more than 30,000 products of more than 300 different brands on its platform as well as in brick-and-mortar stores.

3.   More risk, more rewards? Well, sometimes

After spending 19 years in various positions in the company, Falguni Nair took a leap of faith when he left Kotak. A few months before turning 50, she took the risk of launching a startup that had never been considered in India and had never been set up in the country before. Like online beauty, this platform was something new in the country 10 years ago, nowadays cryptocurrency is also in its infancy. Investing in crypto coins may seem daunting right now, but given the global rush in recent months - like Falguni Nair - you have the potential to become a billionaire.

4.   Choose growth and profit

In an interview with MoneyControl a few days ago, Nair said, "Industries like ours - beauty and fashion commerce are in the very early stages of development and there is a lot of room for growth. And, investors assume that, as sales increase, profitability will increase manifold because of the scale of the economy… they may assume that at this point in time, declining profits can lead to dramatic changes.

Thus, in her words, it is important to choose both growth and profit when investing and to be careful about it.


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