29 Nov

Does every taxpayer have the following problems with the existing tax consultant or those who file your income tax returns

Does every taxpayer have the following problems with the existing tax consultant or those who file your income tax returns?

1. Do you think that CAs or tax consultants who do your income tax returns or audit have less experience and also have a lack of knowledge?

2. Does CA or Tax consultant help you grow your business or save your money?

3. Tax practitioners or tax advisors do not have social media channels where taxpayers can check reviews, ratings or what existing clients are saying about the company.

4. Due to tax practitioners you have to pay a late fee for filing your tax return after due dates and you are paying that penalty. Sometimes you need urgent income tax filing papers and you don't get them on time.

5. You are paying a higher professional filing fee than the services you are getting. Taxpayers do not get the value of the money that they pay to the CA or the tax advisors

6. Filing wrong ITR while filing income tax or missing income

7. Tax advisory companies do not have a proper website, proper email id, proper office and the proper system for communicating with customers or proper system for talking clients to a tax consultant.

8. Taxpayers do not receive phone calls, emails or WhatsApp reminders of income tax payment due dates, income tax audit due dates.

9. This taxpayer has to pay more tax due to inefficient tax planning or no tax planning

10. Tax advisors are not associated with people with senior experience company or firm. This is very useful when you have to file an appeal or represent income tax scrutiny.

11. Tax advisory companies do not have the right staff or the right software to file income tax returns

12. The taxpayer has to travel a long way to meet the tax consultant or he spends a lot of time in it

13. All your important financial information is in the hands of the tax consultant. Is that information is stored safely and properly for years?


If you have solved most of the above questions then you are working in the right place otherwise you will have to change your tax consultant today.

Over the last 9 years, we have been successful in resolving the above issue of income taxpayers.



Santosh Patil

Alliance Tax Experts



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