As your tax & financial consultant, we are helping you to make tax, financing and investment decisions proactive and hassle-free. Our personal tax-saving and financial plans are developed and implemented to help you to monitor your overall progress. Above all, we help to reduce your time working on your finances.

  • Providing income-tax opinions on various complex and litigative tax issues to the clients
  • Tax assistance (along with tax experts of the host country) to various MNC's in setting up a business presence in Maharashtra, India to ensure that the investment structure is highly income-tax efficient, not only from an Maharashtra, Indian tax view, but also from the perspective of the host country. This involves application of the principles of international taxation to the given facts
  • Identification and implementation of tax planning opportunities for various Maharashtra, Indian companies under the Income-tax laws, so as to reduce their income-tax liability

  • Types of Tax Planning...

     Purposive tax planning: Planning taxes with a particular objective in mind

     Permissive tax planning: Tax planning that is under the framework of law

     Long range and Short range tax planning: Planning done at the start and end of a fiscal year respectively.

    Tax Saving Objectives:

  • Reduction in overall tax liability
  • Economic stability
  • Growth of economy
  • Litigation minimization
  • Productive investment
  • MIS Reports

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