Labour Licence

A law that regulates the employment of contract workers in certain establishments and provides for their abolition and related matters under certain circumstances.

  • Obtaining Registration of Principal Employer Establishment under Contract Labour Act (Form -1)
  • Obtaining Labour Licence of Contractors from Labour Commissioner (From-6)
  • Amendments in Principal Employer Registration/Labour Licence
  • Obtaining Duplicated Copy of Certificate of registration/Labour Licence
  • Renewal of labour Licence from time to time from Labour Commissione
  • Preparation & Maintain of Various registers as provided under the Contract Labour act, Register of Contractors, Register of Workmen Employed by Contractors, Register of Wages, Register of Overtime, Register of Fine, Register of Deductions, Register of Advance,
  • To Provide Assistance in Preparation & maintain to various Record Like Wage slip, Muster Roll as per Contract Act

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