Home Loan

We assist our clients with the best interest rates in receiving home loans or mortgage loans. In Navi Mumbai, our professional fees are lower. We have partnered with banks and NBFC's lending providers.

Home Loan Types :

  • New Home Purchase Loan
  • Home Improvement Loan
  • Top Up Loan
  • Balance Transfer
  • Home Construction Loan
  • Land Purchase Loan
  • Pre Approved Loans
  • Benefits of a Home Loan...

  • Tax benefits : To encourage more and more people buy their own house, government of India provides tax deduction on the principal as well as interest paid on home loan. An individual is eligible to claim a deduction of up to Rs 1.5 lakh under Section 80C of Income Tax of India 1971 Act in a financial year. While a deduction of up to Rs 2 lakh is allowed on the interest portion under Section 24B of Income Tax of India Act. The deductions under income tax are only available after the construction of the house is complete. You can't claim the income tax deductions while the property is under construction. Read: to know more about home loan deductions.
  • Saves you from paying rent : As rent in metro cities is quite high they put strain on your monthly budget. It is better to pay the EMIs and own a house.
  • Enjoy capital appreciation : You will also benefit from the rise in prices of the property over time.
  • Makes it easy to buy dream home : For many people buying house with own money is not possible, home loan as it can be repaid in easy monthly installments makes it easier to buy a house.
  • Balance Transfer Facility : In case of home loan you have the facility to transfer your home loan to different lender if he is giving you loan at a lower interest rate. Check out our Balance Transfer Calculator to know how beneficial it will be for you to transfer your loan amount.
  • Faq's

    When do I make my home loan application?

    There is no particular right time for making your home loan application. As soon as you have figured out your budget and zeroed down on the property that you want to buy, you should apply for home finance.

    Is visiting the lending bank compulsory to avail home finance?

    When does the repayment period start?

    Repayment of loan starts after the entire home loan is disbursed to the borrower. In case of under-construction properties banks allow payment of the partially disbursed amount. Towards this partially disbursed loan amount, customers are free to either repay the principal and interest amount both or just the interest amount or none at all.

    How long does it take for home loan to get sanctioned?

    Your home loan will get sanctioned as soon as all the required documents are submitted and verified successfully. This may take anywhere between 10 to 30 days.

    Do I get to avail tax benefits on home loan?

    Yes. Home loans are a great instrument to avail tax benefit. This is offered to both the interest and principal components of home finance. Under section 24(1) interest repayment of Rs.1,50,000 is eligible for exemption and on the same housing loan a principal amount of Rs.1,00,000 is eligible for exemption from tax.

    Is taking a home loan a smart investment move?

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